Can Teachers Have Acrylic Nails?

If you’re a teacher and you want to spruce up your nails to add a layer of protection or to enhance your beauty, or if you know a teacher and want to surprise them with a trip to the salon, you might be left wondering, can teachers have acrylic nails or are they against the dress code? What is the proper protocol for having acrylic nails as a teacher?

In most situations, wearing acrylic nails to school as a teacher is acceptable. However, this may depend on your specific school board and the dress code policy that they have in place. Also, if it is acceptable, you will want to make sure to keep them short and that you are taking proper care of them. 

Acrylic nails are fun, fashionable, and can let your personality shine. Plenty of working professionals wear them on the job, so it’s not surprising that you, as a teacher, or soon-to-be teacher, are wondering if you can wear them, too. In this article, we will talk more about the topic of whether it is or whether it’s not appropriate to wear acrylic nails and answer some common questions. 

Are Teachers Allowed to Wear Acrylic Nails?

As mentioned previously, having acrylic nails in most situations, as a teacher, should be perfectly OK, though it may be wise to consult your own individual school’s dress code or head of the school to be sure. While wearing acrylic nails might be acceptable at your school, these nails should be kept at a shortened length and should be well maintained.

If your acrylic nails are too long, they may be seen as unprofessional and you may have difficulty performing your duties as a teacher which is why keeping them on the shorter side is recommended.

Also, those working in Science education may need to think twice about wearing acrylic nails. Science educators often have to do a lot of work with their hands and acrylic nails can collect dirt and germs from these situations, leading to dirty nails and possibly infections. 

Why Would a Teacher Want to Wear Acrylic Nails?

There are many reasons as to why a teacher may want to wear acrylic nails. Acrylic nails can help hide and protect otherwise unhealthy and brittle nails. They can also instill confidence and enhance one’s beauty. Teachers are often overlooked, but they are people, too, and also like to feel beautiful and confident. 

Aside from protecting the nails and enhancing beauty and confidence, acrylic nails have many other benefits, too, such as: 

  • They’re long-lasting 
  • Stronger than natural nails
  • Reduced risk of breaking or chipping
  • Plenty of color and design options 
  • Can be natural looking or unique 
  • Stops nail biting

For teachers who have a very hands-on approach to teaching, acrylic nails can be truly beneficial as they provide great protection for natural nails as well as providing protection should the tips of their fingers get crushed by heavy objects while on the job. 

Acrylic Nail Designs for Teachers 

Solid color designs can be fun and make your nails look more natural, but there are also many cute and unique designs that teachers can put on their acrylic nails. These designs are sure to bring a smile to the face of their students, too, while also bringing in a lot of compliments. 

For example, a teacher could opt to have their acrylic nails painted to look like crayons, papers with grades on them, apples, pencils, mathematical equations, and astronomical signs. They could also have their nails designed to represent the planets of our solar system. 

Depending on what subject the teacher teaches, they can have their nails designed to represent the subject. English teachers can have letters of the alphabet painted on their nails or have their nails designed as books and math teachers can have numbers, math symbols, or math tools such as a protractor. 

What if the Dress Code Prohibits Acrylic Nails?

If your school’s dress code prohibits acrylic nails for teachers and staff, there’s not much you can do. You may be able to try and appeal the dress code by starting a petition in hopes of a change. While it’s not guaranteed to work, it still may be worth a try.

If acrylic nails are truly forbidden in your school’s workplace, you can still have fun with your natural nails. You can start by getting a manicure to help boost your nail’s natural beauty. If you’re suffering from brittle or weak nails, there are several natural ways to strengthen them that don’t require acrylics.

These natural remedies to strengthen your nails, according to Healthline, include taking a biotin supplement, applying lotion to your nails, keeping your nails on the shorter side, avoiding using your nails to do certain things, and paying attention to your diet. If none of these remedies work, you may need to consult a dermatologist for further evaluation. 

Can a Teacher be Fired for Acrylic Nails?

Unfortunately, if a dress code is in place that bans wearing acrylic nails and the teacher still chooses to wear acrylic nails despite this, then yes, a teacher can be fired for not abiding by the dress code. 

Normally, though, the head of the school will sit down with the teacher and explain the dress code policy. They will then ask the teacher to discontinue wearing the acrylic nails and give them another chance to act in accordance with the policy. 

If there is a dress code in place that bans acrylic nails for teachers, then it’s recommended to follow the dress code to avoid any possible consequences. 


Whether or not you, as a teacher, or a teacher you know, can wear acrylic nails while on the job will depend on your school’s specific dress code. However, in most situations and schools, teachers are allowed to proudly wear acrylic nails should they choose to do so. Even still, these nails should be kept short and clean in order to appear professional and prevent infections.